Qualified Tourist Guides' Association of the N.E. Aegean & Islands

The Qualified Tourist Guides' Association of the N.E. Aegean Islands welcomes you

The Association was established in 1994 and is based in Mytilene, Lesvos . It's aims are to protect and support the rights of its active members who work on he islands of Lesvos, Lemnos , Ag. Efstratios, Chios, Oinouses, Samos and Ikaria , as well as to improve the general tourism development of the area.
It is a member of the Panhellenic Tourist Guides' Federation through which it is represented to the European and World Federation of Tourist Guides' Associations.

It's members are qualified by the Ministry of Tourism having followed a 2,5 year course and successfully passed the relevant exams of the School of Guides .
The Association of the N.E. Aegean Islands takes part in activities that enhance the tourism consciousness and contribute to the promotion of the tourism product of the district.

In the year 2000 it successfully organized the 2nd Panhellenic Convention-Seminar of Guides in Mytilene, in collaboration with the Panhellenic Tourist Guides Federation, with the contribution of the Ministry of the Aegean Islands , Prefecture and Municipality authorities, as well as the kind contributions of individuals. Tourist Guides from the whole country participated. In the year 2007 it organized once again the 8th Panhellenic Convention and Seminar of Guides, combining both Mytilene and Chios islands.

The Association has repeatedly organized free guided tours in museums to the students of Lesvos on the occasion of the International Tourist Guide Day, on the 21 st February.

We have also contributed as members of Tourism Committees and taken part to Tourism Exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Our guides have an in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of our district and share their love and enthusiasm for it with its visitors. They are experienced in guiding techniques and in group management.

They will guide you to the antiquities, natural and geological monuments, castles, monasteries and unique architecture of the North East Aegean. But they will also initiate you to the secrets of the aromatic ouzo and wines.

The Tourist Guides of the N.E. Aegean are delighted to provide guiding for :

  • individuals or groups
  • tours organized by travel agents
  • societies and clubs
  • conference organizers
  • walking tours
  • tours of special interest groups (religious, nature, geology)
  • schools, colleges, universities
  • museums and archaeological sites

To work with our Guild or book a Tourist Guide to meet your requirements you can contact us at:

Licensed Tourist Guides' Association of the N.E. Aegean Islands
Tel. 22510-20.555, Fax 22510-20.555
e-mail: aegeanguides@hotmail.com

Visit our islands and let our professional guides walk you on the footpaths of their history, culture, traditions, natural beauty and authentic people.