Tourist guides' fees in Greece

Tourist Guides in Greece are employed, they are paid per day or per hour and are socially secured by the Greek Institute of Social Security (I.K.A.). Their fees are proportional to the Professional Collective Agreements, which are signed annually between Associations of Tourist Guides' and Associations of Travel Agencies, depending on the place of visit/excursion, number of sites and duration of the occupation.

Collective Agreements always refer to the minimum legal fee for employed Tourist Guides.
Tourist Guides issue official payment receipts of Article 6, Law 710/1977

Collective Agreements include all terms of payment and occupation of the professional Tourist Guides in every region of Greece.

Professional Tourist Guides are also legally entitled, except for minimum payment per day, to the following increments, according to the Greek legislation of employees, to the Collective Agreements signed by Tourist Guides' Associations and the Panhellenic Tourist Guides' Federation,

  • Easter benefit for occupation from 1/1 to 30/4 15,384%
  • Christmas benefit for occupation from 1/5 to 31/12 12,50%
  • Vacation benefit 8%
  • Allowance benefit 8%
    Sunday/Holiday increment 75%
  • Overtime (per hour)
  • Two-language group increment
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner allowance or the relevant employer's voucher during occupation time
  • Overnight increment
  • Increment per person for a group of more than 49 or 50 persons

Tourist guide is also entitled to:

  • Allowance for transportation to and from guide's residence area, if the appointment is set in another place
  • Overnight in the same hotels as the visitors' group
  • Overnight in cabins on cruise boats, while accompanying groups for more than one day
  • Free accommodation when occupied for a long term period by an employer in a place other than his residence.

Tourist guide is obliged to the following fee deductions included in the reciept:

  • Employees' Taxation 3%
  • Social Security and Insurance 16,50%

Tourist Guide's employer is obliged to 27.46% of the fee, for guide's Social Security and Insurance

For further details and exact information about Tourist Guides fees, please contact the Associations-Members of the Federation.