Members of the Board

Members of Executive Board of Panhellenic Tourist Guides' Federation

The Executive Committee of the Panhellenic Tourist Guide Federation is:


  Nikos Xilouras
(Assosiation of lisenced Guides of Dodecanese)
Vice Prresident  

Evridiki Vlassi(Proffesional Tourist Guides assosiation of Crete and Thera)

Secretary General   Anastasia Gaitanou
(Union of Guides in Thessaloniki)
Secretary General Deputy   Sisi Savati
(Ionian Islands and western Greece Tourist Guides Union)
Treasurer   Katerina Giakoumaki
(Proffesional Tourist Guides'Association of Crete & Thira)
Ephor   Ageliki Charokopou
(Association of Tourist Guides)
Public Relations   Smaragda Touloupa
(Association of Tourist Guides)
Executive Members   Vangelis Alefantinos
(Professional Tourist Guides' Association of Crete & Thira)
    Sofia Theona
(Assosiation of tourist Guides)