Aristotle, guide in Greece


Dear friends,

After 4 years of studying archaeology, 2,5 years of studies in Guides' school, and 10 years of experience, I am now told that I am on a par with guides who have just finished an 8-week seminar.

Guide schools are closed; qualification exams are a thing of the past; the standards to which visitors to Greece had been used to are being scrapped.

Perhaps it's not important that I and my colleagues may lose our means of making a living as a flood of new guides will offer their services to a shrinking pool of visitors.

Perhaps it is not important that some guides may know their way around a site well and others less so.

But you and all visitors to Greece will have no means of telling the former from the latter. There will be no way to make an informed choice before it's too late.

Please sign this petition and tell the Greek Government that this is a move in the wrong direction. Please let them know that there is a demand for quality and that qualified professionals are not redundant.

Thank you for your time,

Aristotle Koskinas

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